• Can one cancel the lease?

    The lease is non-cancelable. However, you may arrange for prepayment of the lease or to upgrade the asset.

    How long do I need to wait for the equipment?

    It takes five to seven business days from the time we sign the lease agreement.

    What are the up-front costs for a lease?

    A nominal fee is charged for processing the lease documents. Unlike a down payment for a purchase, we only require the first rental in advance, this is applied to your total lease payments.

    What can you Lease?

    The truth is, leasing isn’t just for photocopiers and forklifts as was the case in the past. More than 80% of the successful companies have used leasing to optimize cash flows and become more competitive. Companies, big and small, have leased everything from laptops and bulldozers to office furniture and shelves.

    What happens at the end of the lease?

    At the end of the lease (typically 3-5 years), you may decide to either extend the lease, return the assets to us or lease another asset.

    Why Lease?

    With leasing, you spread out the acquisition cost of your asset over time, freeing up valuable capital to expand the business. The lease payments are fixed enabling you to budget over a period of time. There are also tax benefits associated with leasing.