In  only 10  months, Zohari Leasing has proven that the Kenyan market has immense potential. Its  success confirms that leasing is the future for businesses and organisations keen to improve how they use their finances.

Zohari Leasing is a member of  the Centum Group offering  finance and operating lease solutions.

The firm was established last April and by the close of the year had struck severaldeals  encompassing different asset categories. “The outlook is positive,” declares Ms Bertha Mvati, the firm’s business support manager. 

She emphasises that Zohari is true to its slogan as ‘the partner who gives your business a new lease of life’. This is owing to its efficiency and structured transactions or solutions currently not widely available in the market.

“We consider ourselves partners to our customers and not just financial solutions  providers,”    asserts   Mr Enock Tanui, Zohari Leasing business development manager. “Our  leasing solutions enable our partners grow their businesses, to rapidly acquire the assets they need to achieve their goals. Leasing is a flexible way of meeting your business’ asset needs without requiring a large capital outlay, or risking equipment obsolescence.”

Zohari’s team of highly specialized personnel together with  its  strong network of partners pride themselves on delivering unparalleled service to its clients. Various organisations in  different industries including small and medium enterprises (SMEs)  have benefitted from Zohari’s expertise.  “We  know that  SMEs have the potential to step to the next level,” Ms Mvati notes. “Our leasing solutions can help them realise this goal. If they grow, we at Zohari grow and become their first choice for financial solutions.” Zohari’s range of  leasing products includes vehicles,  farm  equipment, construction   equipment,  business technology, plant & machinery  as well as medical equipment leasing. 

Benefits of leasing with Zohari 

Leasing conserves valuable working capital. By not having to pay cash up front, the cost is spread to cover the working life of the equipment. So, the firm gets the benefit of immediate usage  of   the  equipment/fit outs without the capital outlay. In addition, the total lease rentals are fully tax allowable. Zohari will be your dedicated asset manager and will organise servicing and insurance, thereby saving you time. Moreover, the client companies benefit from maintenance and end of term support throughout the leasing period Ms Mvati says Kenyan firms can benefit   from   leasing  equipment rather than buying to own. But she understands that this is a cultural challenge in this part of the world that might take time to change. Mr Tanui lauds the government for leading by example after it decided to lease vehicles for its departments.


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